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By commissioning me, you are agreeing to my Terms of Service! Comprehensive and general terms are below.
Full Terms of Service----------------------------------------------------------GENERAL COMMISSION INFO:Prices are in USD through Paypal invoice
Price varies - complexity of the character, background, and other factors can affect pricing
I can draw most species! Full list on comprehensive TOS
WIPs are always provided for general commissions
When sharing a commission online, please credit me, preferably with a link to this carrd or any of my social media accounts (@roecapelin)


Commissions are currently OPEN! Please contact me via Twitter or Instagram if you have inquiries about openings.- All prices are in USD.
- Complex designs may be subject to a complexity fee.

-Please be aware of my Terms of Service!

⭒SQUARE ICON⭒flats: $17
simple shading +$3
A square icon that comes with a colourful bg + outline!

⭒BADGE-TYPE ICON⭒flats: $20
simple shading +$3
rendering +$12
A headshot featuring more neck in a badge-esque style.

⭒BUSTS⭒flat: $35
rendered: $40
✪ props: +$5 each
Detailed rendition of your character down to the chest/bust area.

⭒HALFBODIES⭒flat: $35
shaded: $45
✪ extra char: flat +$30, shaded +$40

⭒CHIBIS⭒flat: $20
shaded: $25
Your character in cute, rounded proportions!

⭒FULLBODIES⭒flat: $40
shaded: $50
✪ extra char + $37 (flat) + $48 (shaded)

⭒REFERENCE SHEETS⭒starting price: $60
1 fullbody, 1 headshot, 3 detail shots and basic details
starting price: $50
includes 1 fullbody design
fullbody shot +$20
headshot +$10
accessories (each) +$3
outfit chibi +$10

⭒BACKGROUNDS + MORE⭒+ SIMPLE BG + $10-$20 depending on size (e.g. sky, grass)
+ COMPLEX BG + $20-$40 depending on size (e.g. cityscape)
✪ If you'd like a commission that is not quite in the realms of any of these prices, feel free to DM me and discuss!